Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ironman....yes please

Had a great week in Kona leading up to Ironman. Lindsay and I were put to work selling K-Swiss shoes at the expo. The brand was well received and we sold a ton of shoes and signed some big names to race under the brand next year.

Race day was incredible. I had a moped to zoom up and down the run course checking out all the action. I thought it was going to be the year of the C's: Chris McCormack, Cameron Brown, Chris Lieto, and Craig Alexandar. Heat soared up to 108 degrees and destroyed a lot of athletes. Craig had an amazing day and looked so good.

I meet up with Terenzo Bozzone during the race and now he is staying up north with me at my old man's place. I'm his training hack for the next few days in his build for Clearwater. He managed to score me a Specialized S-Works Transition for the week to ride and it is awesome! I'm a huge Cervelo P3 fan and was devastated when I sold my last one, but it is a different story now. This thing blows the P3C out of the water. I hope to be getting one around mid March. There is a race I plan on doing in early March in the southern hemisphere.


Bruce said...

Glad you sold a lot of shoes. That's one thing I cannot buy in Taiwan (size 13). Being there for the race must have been interesting (more than the Internet coverage). If Chrissie had riden Macca's bike, I believe she would have waited 20 minutes and still won the race.

MarkyV said...

I'm a huge Cervelo P3 fan and was devastated when I sold my last one,


Dylan said...

Let me know if you're still here and I can tag along for a ride or two! I don't care if I get dropped, but I'd be grateful for the company. . . Dylan

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

mark, i had a p3 back in the day and sold it for a another bike that didn't work for me.

The Pellegroms said...


Sorry to hear about the last few races. I'm sure you'll do even better next year.

For your planning purposes, we will probably not be in Racine next summer. I have accepted the job of Exec. VP and CFO of the Minnesota Wild NHL franchise, so we're in the process of moving to the Twin Cities. If you pick one of those races (mostly Olympic distance) like Lifetime Fitness, you're welcome to stay with us. Also, if you still want to come to Racine, we have plenty of friends who would love to have you stay with them. Just let me know your plans. They may not be on the race course, but they don't live to far away. And I promise, the lake will be warmer. I was in it two weeks ago and it was 65 with 5 ft breakers. The body surfing was awesome for an inland lake.

When you have your race schedule, let us know. I'm at jpellegrom@WILD.com. Also, I'm going to try for Alcatraz this year on your reco. We'll see my luck in the lottery.

Take care and good luck!!

The Pellegroms