Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kona 08

My journey to Kona ended just as bad as it started 2 weeks ago. I have acquired the new nickname of "stand-by" because that is how I travel. You can always count on me calling somebody from a location that I have managed to get myself stuck at. This trip to Kona was going to be different because I had a ticket bought for me! I was going to arrive at my destination on time, no delays, and no fat people who decided to stuff there face with pizza at the last minute, and show up late bumping me off a seat I swore was going to be mine. About two and half hours into our flight the pilot made a 180 degree turn which was a bit of an alarm. Seconds later the captain came onto the mic letting us know that we had a radio failure and that we were making out way back to Phoenix. We arrived back to the terminal to receive complimenary water and sugar cookies. We still had to pay for drinks once we got back onto the plane two hours later.

Arrived in Kona and was off to work the next day with K-Swiss. I had a blast working the stall and we sold a bunch of shoes. Here is our stall and some other pics from around the expo.


Norman Stadler's bike

Race day arrived quickly and it was so nice to be in Hawaii watching instead of watching the live feed on I have so many favorites and was called out many times by my wife on who I wanted to win. I wanted Chris Lieto to win when he came out of T2, I thought Norman would win when he came out of T2, I told Alexandar it was his race to win coming up Palani, and when Cameron Brown came up Palani I wanted him to win. Being a kiwi from way back and having Brown staying with us, I can say now I wanted Brown to win the race.

T2 Pics:


Alexandar the Great

That is all for now. Will post the drama of trying to get back to the mainland and some videos from race day.

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