Thursday, October 4, 2007

CLEARWATER focus begins with half this weekend

Bought the tickets to Clearwater for the fiancee and I the other night. Very excited about returning to improve on my 7th overall. It is pretty amazing what a break through race does for your confidence and ego. I'm probably a little eager at the moment since I have a better idea on how to finally use my SRM which is dead.

Swimming has been coming along nicely. Hit up the pool with super swimmer Mark Van Akkeren at Lifetime Fitness. Did a main race pace set of 5x200m on a 1:35 send off. Not to bad for my self at this time. Did a faster set of 4x100m on 1:15 and hit them all. Hopefully this will be good for the swim this weekend.

Running has been steadily improving. I have started a cycle of running 10 miles for two days and then tempo work the third. My 10 mile cruisy time is down to 62 minutes! Should be ready to push the throttle forward some and break the hour next week. I ran 1:17 last year at Clearwater and would like to go 1:15 this year. Big goal but I am prepared to lay down the yard yards.

The bike is really bad. The SRM is broken and I have only been in the computrainer. I figure the next five weeks on the bike will have to be spot on. Like Chopper Read says, I will have to Harden Up!

Hope every one is training hard.


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MarkyV said...

Go git 'im brah!!!

I'll be watching you smoke clearwater!

You under 60 for the 10 mile loop yet?