Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Zoot Shoes. Get them when available.

I was very lucky to run into someone special at Zoot a while back and scored a pair of their new bright yellow racing flats as seen in my previous post. Forget Newton because the new Zoot shoes will blow you away with all they have put into the shoe. The shoe is light and for a racing flat has the perfect amount of cushion to the shoe. I love me a shoe with good cushioning especially when it is under 9oz. The material is similar to the old school Nike Hurricane, as it feels like you're sliding your foot into a new shoe every time. If you suffer from heel blister this is your shoe. I was so sick of staining my shoe's red and having them smell of rotting flesh! I used this shoe for one before using it in the Half Ironman and it was beautiful. No blisters at all. The drainage port works wonderful. The material doesn't absorb all the water that trickles down from what you cooled yourself down with.

Bottom line.......THE ZOOT SHOE IS INCREDIBLE...and no I am not sponsored by them.

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