Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to back wins foiled

Yesterday was the inaugural Long Horn half ironman held at Walter.E. Long Park. I was feeling very good leading into this race with my swimming and running ability. Was not confident at all with the bike as I have have not been riding her as much as I would like. This race was going to be a real test to see how my swimming was coming along as I have been a middle of the packer the past two years. The plan was to swim strong, hang on during the bike, and see how the run went. If victory was is sight, I was going to take it.

The swim went very well. Pace was moderate to the first buoy and then I just set a rhythm I was comfortable with and went. I shut it down after 17 minutes and cruised into the finish. Turned around and had about a 90 second lead over the field!
Jumped on my bike and rode at what my endurance wattage would have been waiting for company. After 30 minutes by myself, the big man in red, Todd, came flying by me. I decided to gamble and follow him for as long as I could. Now everyone knows Todd is bloody strong, so when I stayed with him to mile 40 I thought I was a complete stud. I found out later on he has not been riding much at all and he still dropped me! About mile 40 I stared feeling some cramping going on in my vastus medialis from going harder then I should have but didn't think to much of it.
Came into T2 two minutes behind the leader, uber biker, Richard Fryer. Closed the gap by mile three and all the sudden my vastus medialis said, HELLO!!! Not too sound extremely cocky, but I really thought I had the race in the bag. Around mile 5 my plan was to step up the pace as I was feeling great. From then on I was unable to push the throttle much higher then 50% without the cramping coming back. At least I know my swimming is coming along for Clearwater. Congrats to all who finished and to all the guys in the elite wave.

Just want to give a big shout out to RD Keith. You put on one hell of a show for a first time race. Spot on. Also want to thank Jack Murray, from Jack and Adams for getting me into the race.

One more thing. Good luck to everyone in Kona next week! And to the Marsh's, good luck at Dallas.

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