Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stress+Kids+No Sleep=SICKNESS/Fiancee=Better Health

Why is it that when things start going well you get a big slap in the face? Long Horn Tri went well until the run (note to self....more salt) and I was ready to hit it hard after a two day break. Work said, we need you, kids were sick, two nights till 11pm and my body decided to shut down shop in order to figure out how to get fixed fast. The plan kicked into action this morning and I finally felt ready for a wicked crazy 3 week training block. My fiancee has been feeding me and keeping me sane this entire time but I'm freaking out. As of right now I feel I will have failed if I don't place better or race faster then last year! I need to get over that.

Really need to work the bike hard and tap into some high LT/VO2 max sets to be able to play with the boys. Racing this weekend to make sure the swim and run are on. Just hoping I don't run into very much staleness these next five days.

How crazy was Kona on Saturday! Big shout out to McCormack for brining it home.

Off to bed.


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Anonymous said...

fuck ya macka kicked ass...

aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi!!!!