Friday, September 28, 2007

My Swimming

Well, it is now time to face the music and start posting weekly training recaps. I need to be held accountable, and by posting I can receive all the verbal punishment i need if I slack off...that is if anybody even reads my blog!

I use to be a solid swimmer banging out a 48 for the 100 free and a 1:46 for the 200 (yards). Consistency and a strong desire go very far in swimming. Soon as you begin to slack you lose all feel of the water and it takes a bloody long time to get the feel and power back i use to posses. I have been swimming much more the past month and it is beginning to show in practice. For the first time in a while I stayed with Brandon Marsh a.k.a Tex, BM, B or most recently call "the schnoz". Well not the entire time, just longer then normal and it felt good. Brandon Marsh by the way is a hell of a good guy and fricking fast athlete.

I have started focusing my swimming sessions by category. VO2 max, LT, Tempo, and endurance. This has been paying off big time as I am holding my desired race pace much more easily now after only a week of very focused work. As off right now my typical set is:

400 steady
300 x3(100 IM)
200 IM
100 Underwater 4x25e

Tempo/race pace
10x100m on 1:20 holding 1:15 (this will increase to 15x100 next week, then hopefully the VO2 max sets will allow me to drop the send off and lower the reps.)

VO2 Max
6x 50 on 35 seconds

Of course I do swim longer but the above is my specific sets. I need more volume because it is the last half of the swim in races that I just fall off the pace. I hope this work will get me tuned up for Clearwater. I have been doing lots of my swims alone which is very hard especially when the pain sets in and you have nobody to chase.

Time for bed.

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