Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tickets purchased, entry confirmed.

I finally committed and purchased two tickets down to New Zealand to compete in Ironman New Zealand. It was a big move for me because normally I would have never spent what I spent to get down to this race. So I head down to my old home land on the 20th of Feb.

Training Week of 12/22-12/28
Swimming- 15,200km
Biking- 10 hours
Running- 40 miles

I have been sleeping much better which has been huge in my recovery. I have never felt so fresh, and I owe it all to sleep....and a little to training smarter. It is very easy for me to go hard all the time thinking it will make me faster. Bottom line is, if I don't rest and recover, I'm absorbing very little from key sessions. Easy days for me are now VERY easy.

Hope every is enjoying the holidays. My favorite thing about Christmas...the Cadbury Creme Eggs on sale for 25 cents the day after! I ate 5 in one sitting. Did i feel sick, yes. Would I do it again, in a heart beat.



Bruce said...

I hope your preparation for NZ goes well. At least the money will be well spent as you will be able to catch up on all that has been happening there in recent years.
I miss those little eggs. I would buy a lot as a kid. I guess Cadbury's doesn't mean such a lot in Austin, but it was about all I ate growing up. I even still have a certificate from Cadbury's for winning a prize in their essay contest in primary school.

MarkyV said...

you totally just undermined lindsey's health eating posts... way to go smart guy.

so LC! Are Cadbury eggs, despite being high in sugar, yet low in cholersterol, still good for me? I was thinking of frying up a batch to see how they taste.