Friday, December 26, 2008

A Cotter Style Christmas

Sleep in, eat, Run the lake, eat, hike the trails with dog, eat, crash by 9pm! Heck YA!!!

Now normally my whole family goes up to the parents house in Dallas for a huge Christmas Eve Bash with 50 of my relatives and then spends Christmas day lounging around until brunch time with 20 or so of more family members! Don't get me wrong, we love it but this year we decided that the parents would come down Christmas weekend and we all could get together for a little Christmas BBQ (low key). So what did the Cotters do on Christmas Day! It was definitely not boring! Christmas Eve was awesome as we attended the Austin Stone Candlelight Service (me, James, and Andrew), followed up by some good grub at Whole Foods! Then Christmas day we slept in (for me that 7am), ran town lake in 65 degree weather, came home rested had lunch then back out for a fun hike with the dog on the Steiner ranch trails in the sunshine! Dinner was of course followed up by more Feliz Navidad breakfast tacos. Now to make it an official Cotter tradition, I added in Quinoa to mix of taco batter. I cooked quinoa for James on our first Christmas together in Hawaii and its been a must have every year, no matter what the entree is!

The yummy quinoa!

We filled our bellies, watched home alone, and crashed early! What a great day! We hope your Christmas was filled with love, joy, peace, and good grub!!!

P.S. James is training to eat 8 grande breakfast burritos at Juan in Million here in Austin. Last night was just another practice round, haha! More on that challenge later!

The Cotters

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