Monday, December 1, 2008

One step forward, two steps back- AGAIN!

My welcome back party was very temporary as I was struck down again with another virus. After thinking I was back to health after two solid days of feeling well and training well, I was pushed back into bed trying to sleep and get over what ever I have. Thanksgiving was spent overdosing on all types of medication. All I remember about Thanksgiving was that I made it Mexican style, turkey wrapped in a corn tortilla (gluten free of course), and being high on Tylenol.

As you have read, my wife has celiac's and is unable to tolerate gluten anymore. I've been the best sport I possibly can be and have eliminated all gluten from my diet as well. Do I feel any better, nope! I've been too sick to see how my body will feel avoiding gluten while undergoing a heavy training load. I should be able to tell as soon as the medication wares off! But, it has not been as difficult as I thought it was going to be, making the gluten switch that is. You are able to get all the calories you need in other products that actually taste good or whatever my wife is making! I have to admit I still indulge in gluten products when out of the house (my wife says its good for my sanity, haha!).

While I'm sick I have been looking over new toy's that I want for 2009. I use to train with a heart rate monitor ALL the time back in the day and it seemed to work very well. I might invest in a new Polar as it keeps my ego in check. I have a horrible habit of treating every session like a key session, and going too hard on recovery sessions. This week I think I will go and get a new bike fit on the Retuel system. It scored Alexander the Great a victory in Kona so it must be good. I'm pretty excited because I have no idea if I have a descent position.

Also, found some more off road trails just up the road from our place. I will be heading up there today for an easy 45 minutes. I hope this sickness leaves my body soon because I have some serious training lurking around the corner.

Stay well!


rr said...

Polar? What is this POLAR? I'll send you a Timex, if you want..

Hope your health is back and here to stay!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon