Saturday, July 19, 2008

Out with old in with the New!

First of all, I love my Kona asics. I wear them all the time on my trail runs and at town lake, but a time has come to move on and move up! Lucky for me, my loving husband is sponsored by K-Swiss and I get mates rates! After an easy hour run yesterday, my knee was a little tweaked and I knew that my good ol' pair of shoes were done. I came home to find a large package on the front door and inside were 6 pairs of K-Swiss shoes. They wanted James to test out some new samples (which he can show off later) and then they sent me 2 new pair. WHOO HOO!! I have another green pair of the ultra natural running but I don't ever wear them on the trails because they look so good nice and clean. Yes I am dork, not mention a neat freak! I would only wear them running around our neighborhood. Anyway, the K-Swiss natural running and Keahou are the only other shoes that I can wear that don't tear up my feet. I have small heels and a high arch so good running shoes are hard to find. The Keahou are a great trainer for longer distances and the natural running (the orange ones above) are super light for those Olympic triathlons! The Konejo are also coming out soon which are supposed to rock as well.
Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for Spirit of Racine race results coming tomorrow!

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when are you going to post about spirit of racine?