Friday, July 11, 2008

Sporting the Vest

So this was actually my first photo shoot, not James'. That's why he looks so natural and I look very dorky. So ignoring that, he hyper-vest is a great tool for athletes. So here's the low-down:
Hyper Wear Technology utilizes Hyper-Mass evenly distributed over the body to create Hyper-Resistance. By adding weight to the body itself, not only is the leg working against the natural resistance of the body's own average mass, but it is also working against the added resistance of the weights.

In order to build strength, power and speed, one must learn how to use their muscles effectively and efficiently. Yet, in today’s busy culture, fitness is not natural; it’s cultivated through dedicated practice. Recently, a resurgent emphasis on body weight training – as opposed to gym equipment which isolates muscle movements – has fueled a demand for comfortable additional weight loading.

I often this during our trail run or speed work on the track. Just 6 pounds added to my body weight is actually quite challenging and it definitely has helped increase my leg strength. Hyper-Wear is also coming out with a cooling vest that help athletes cool their core before training or competition. Its still the in the works right now but James and I got to try it out for a couple weeks. He used it before and after long rides as well as on the trainer. Its helped him keep his body temperature down which is a tremendous help considering the guy sweat a gallon a minute. :) Anyway, check it out for yourself.


malita said...

You guys look like a sports catalog you didn't replace the weight with ice after all...

Cosmo said...

Man, you guys are gorgeous!!! The photographer must have had an easy time taking your picture - y'all are both naturals! You guys make the Hyper Vest look GOOD! :)