Saturday, July 25, 2009


Very dissaponted with myself. Finishing up my ride today and I hit the deck. Worst part, the deck was not nice smooth was chip seal.

I had just finished a nasty little climb (city park) and was just begining the descent. I was holding my base bar beneath the elbow pads which were very sweaty from the climb. I hit a pot hole and my hands flew off the bar and I went down. My palm took most of fall.

Nothing too brutal and nasty. Was a little bummed since it looked nasty when I was on site of fall. Once washed off it was very minor. Probably a good thing since I race in a week. It did hurt..a lot remembering the feeling of my palm absorbing/sliding the fall on chip seal. Thank god nobody was around to see it.


Barrett Brandon said...

Dont worry mate...I am at a altitude training camp in France and I have fallen twice in 3 days on the same knee. The only difference is that my crashes were running. Get better soon and good luck next weekend. cheers

IronBob said...

It happened last week to my riding buddy. Lucky for him, we back of the packers wear riding gloves. The asphalt ripped the complete leather palms off his gloves. No skin damage at all (on his hands that is).
Good luck racing next weekend.

t-odd said...

Thanks for the pictures - That really sucks! I hate chip seal for so many reasons, the meat-grinder effect being one of them. Hope you heal quick.

Anonymous said...

Make sure the pain you feel going "all out" in Calgary is much more than what you felt from the chip seal. Good luck Thygs and go hard!!