Monday, May 4, 2009

Wildflower Report

I went to Wildflower this weekend to race the Half

Arrived home last night to find I had left my balls beside my bed.


James Cotter

Seriously, I don't know what is going on. I have been trying harder and faster then last year. Maybe it's too hard and not race pace specific enough. Will be having a nice talk with my coach to switch things around.


~beest said...

JAMES!!! No trash talk about you!! You've got the stuff! Yes, it sucks to not live up to a previous race or previous year. But way too many people believe in you and your ability to kick hiney in this sport. Your day will come and I'll be standing there with my copy of Triathlete mag for you to autograph your pic!

Austin Tri-Cyclist said...

stay focused dude! We hope to see you rocking it at Captex.

Yorek said...

And I hope to do some rockin' of my own at CapTex!!! Haha, hey man, I'm comin' home next week, and we should get some workouts in together. Shoot me an email if you would chin up man, you've been doin' a ton of base work and that takes a toll on a body! You're still the man...for now ;)

tomdog said...

Everyone has a bad race. When you race again and smoke the course, you will feel better. I always beat myself up after a bad day, but I always feel better when I nail it at the next race. Hang tough!