Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deal with it.

Lindsay and I took a quick trip up to Dallas this weekend just for some new scenery. I always enjoy going up to Dallas every once and a while. Lindsay's parents were out of town so we had the entire house to lounge around and get fired up for the next couple of weeks.

We packed up the Nissan with the bikes and computrainer as I had a very specific workout to do. The area we stayed had has an abundance of traffic lights which would make my interval set rather hard to do. I have a love/hate relationship with the computrainer and I planned on setting up in Dallas so I could get a very specific interval workout in. Saturday morning arrived and while Lindsay was out on her run, I thought that I would go ahead and get this torture over on the trainer. Got the water and towels all ready and even had the olympics on TV in the background (a little more motivation for me). My first attempt to get the program started was around 9:30am, then trouble with computrainer program took place and I was getting ticked off. So I nixed the program and around 11 am tried to just hop on the computer trainer measuring wattage with both the SRM and the computer trainer's power meter. Well, of course they were both NOT matching up. At this point I am livid and decided to take a little break. We end up going up to the local bike shop to hang out and check out some sweet new tri bikes. That always makes me feel better. Then back home for a little nap and olympics. Its now 5:30pm and I attempt to find a street near the Taylor's house where I can do my intervals followed by an off the bike run. Luckily just around the corner was the perfect straight away!! Long day of frustration but mission was accomplished.

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MarkyV said...

About to smack you up with a killer cookie receipie... oh yeah... you which ones I'm talkin' about. ;)