Monday, August 4, 2008

Cotters Harden Up with Heat Training!

Cooling off in cold lake water.

The past few days have been so bloody hot! We had a record high on Sunday and training in the heat was so oppressive. Sunday is the always the long run and the plan was to get out a little earlier then normal. As much as the heat drains me, I love it, but the wife isn't a huge fan, so start time was 8:15 instead of my proposed 10am start time. I was going to meet up with my buddy, Grant (who is in training for Ironman Hawaii) for a 15 mile run while the wife was running for an easy hour and a half long run. We set off for our 15 mile run and by mile 5 everything on us (clothes, socks, etc) was saturated! It was like we had both jumped into the lake and then began running....brutal. Is is not very fun running with saturated shoes. Met up with the wife at the end and we both felt exhausted and thirsty. We jumped in the car and headed off to 7-eleven for a nice cold Slurpee, then it was home to hop in the cold lake for an "ice bath" as well as playing with the dog.
Turns out the temperature had soared to a wickedly hot 103 degrees on Sunday. No wonder we were totally wiped the rest of the day. If you're training in the heat, remember to stay cool and hydrated.

Next race is Chicago and I'm in a very hard block of training. Lots of VO2 max work on the bike and it really hurts. I came very close to almost bringing up lunch the other day during on one of these sessions. The scary thing is that if I complete the session, coach will be increasing the intervals for the next session! Have a hard run tomorrow and a wicked hard bike on Wednesday. That being said, off to bed to rest up!

Hope all is well.



malita said...

This is why James is so quiet, everyone thinks it's his personality - no it's because he's bloody exhausted!!

James and Lindsay Cotter said...
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Grant Glauser said...

I know how you feel. Sunday I was wiped out. Running with you was fun, but left me exausted. We on for next week. Want to catch something to eat Friday evening?

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

well put Malita! :)