Thursday, January 5, 2012

Training in Auckland

We have been in Auckland for the past 10 days and the training has been fantastic! It is a nice change to Christchurch since there are so many hills around this area! I have used this past 10 days as a solid strength training block. The running here is also great with many trails minutes from the front door.
Once you head out the door it’s about a 10 min jog to get to the start of the main trail head Lindsay and I have been running, and it is a nice hilly route to get there. I think a big focus of the beginning of the year needs to be incorporate lots of hills to develop and strengthen the quads. Since they compliment the heart to make efforts and distances much easier to sustain later in the year. Strong quads will also reduce risk of injury around the knee as well. Trust me, I know:). The more you use and activate the powerful quads the better off you are in my mind.

Below is the part of the climbs I run aerobically up. So, head to hills regularly to keep the quads strong which will help keep a good knee lift throughout the duration of your running or triathlon events. Now this is Cameron Brown country back here, and I now know why he is such a strong runner who can hold his form so well, especially during IMNZ each year. He dominates it that run!
I’m on a huge injury prevention, cover all the bases mission this year. I just wish I could back to my 21 year old self and tell him/me to stretch and strengthen everything. Then again, I don’t think my 21 year old self would have listened at all. I have been working lots on ankle flexibility…WHY? Because the device is in Cameron Brown’s house, so I’m doing it! I’m also using the TP Massage ball kit daily!! This is the must have item for all athletes. I swear by this device. I spent lots of time on the quads, IT band, and TFL.
WP_000533                                     WP_000535
Today was in training was a steady Z2/3 ride followed by a 60 min transition run with 4x4’ hill efforts. This was a huge day for me as the two previous days were 45 min and 90 min runs. Good to know that the knee is holding up. Since I logged a good three hours I earned myself a treat!!!
WP_000523                 DSC02678.JPG

Until next time…


Raina said...

That's a great hill run area!
I wish I could go back and have a chat with my 21 year old self too, but she wouldn't listen either.

Chuck said...

Hey bro- You should probably stretch and strengthen daily. Haha

Kim said...

i need to come visit! look how awesome that hill run looks!