Friday, January 13, 2012

Tauranga Half And Wild Kiwi

Ok, Wild Kiwi is owned and operated by my uncle. He has some very nice shirts. I will give away one shirt of your choice to a lucky winner. Please go to Facebook and like Wild Kiwi Clothing and give him a “Go Wild Kiwi”. Post on blog that you have done so and tell me shirt of choice and size from looking at website I will then pick a winner.

After a fantastic 10 days of training in Auckland it was time to head back to Tauranga to compete in the Tauranga Half. It is a quick 90 minute trip through beautiful green scenery which makes all trips that much faster. After meeting up with Team Wild Kiwi it was on!

The Half Ironman was on Saturday and I was entered in with Team Wild Kiwi. Jack was going to be our swimmer and I was going to be doing the bike-run. Jack is extremely talented athlete and is well versed in all sports. He is one of those guys who can show up to any events with minimal training and do well. Jack decided to do the swim and probably did 5-6 swims max before tackling the 1.2 mile effort. Jack came out of the water in 35 minutes!! Pretty incredible since he is not a swimmer. Here is Jack and I after the race.


The goal for me on the bike was just to execute IM goal watts. It wasn’t too hard to hold back as the pro men had a 40 min head start. Although we were up front in our race, there was no rabbits to lure you along to do something stupid. I ended up riding very strong and easily holding IM goal watts. Was my split close to the lead men splits? No, but that was not the goal of the day.

Bike Nutrition:
x2 bottle: Bottle #1 and #2  was two scoops of horley’s electrolyte powder, 1 scoop base amino, pinch of base salt.
x2 trail mix bar

The run included two loops around Mount Maunganui as was beautiful. The run is all along the drag in town and is littered with support. I had not run 13 miles off the bike since Sept 11, so it was going to be a great test. I ran steady and used it as a solid training day. Great news was that knee held up! The confidence is growing and it perfect timing since the mileage is going to be turned up.
Caught some flack from team manager and owner of Wild Kiwi for stopping and having two 5minutes chats during the run! Still managed a 1:40.


Of course we had to have Burger Fuel after the event!



Trevor Frohberg said...

Hey hey. Been keeping up with the blog. Can't wait to see how IMNZ turns out and the 2012 comeback.

Anyway, here's the shirt I like, "07WK - Wild Kiwi Crest." Size Large.

Take care!

Kim said...

love the wild kiwi fleece!

awesome job out there in the bike/run -i like where your 2012 is heading so far.