Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tell All Tuesday, Dec 27

After a fantastic Christmas in Tauranga with my Aunt and Uncle it was off to Auckland for a little 10 days of training. We had a quick stop in Whangamata to meet up with Cameron Brown and pick up his keys and then we were off. Huge thank you to Cameron and Jenny Brown for letting us look after there place while they are further South.

This morning I swam with a former top New Zealand swimmer, Mark Bone, and now a high performance coach for some of New Zealand's best swimmers and triathletes.

Pool: 25 meter indoor pool 07:00-08:30
Warm Up: x4(100Swim, 50 kick, 50Pull)
Main set: 6x200 pull w/Paddles on 2:30 send off
100 Easy backstroke
12x100 as x2( 4 fast 1:15, 2 moderate on 1:30 (made this set, but this was a real burner!)
50 easy Free
8x25 HARD Kick on :30, 8x25 fly on :30, 4x25 fly kick on back, 8x25fly head out of water to half way, then polo. We did a few more 25s with some variations with emphasis on fast turn over but I’m drawing a blank.
400 Free with paddles and bands
100 Cool down.

I was starving after this workout! I can handle volume in the pool now, but speed is another story! Once I arrived home I jumped onto the bowl of oats. It is very important to get carbs back into you within 60 min post workout.
Before the bike ride of the day I had another snack to top off off some calories.
snack decBike Ride:
3 hour ride with 4x15’ at Z3 over rolling terrain (it was very hilly) with easy 3’ spin between, 2x6’ Z4 hill climb with easy spin down, then last hour was TT home at IM goal watts. My goal is to hold between 4.0-4.4 w/kg for Ironman. Took in two bars and x2bottle of EFS fruit punch.

Finished off with some strength work and then a nice tasty dinner. I made the ride end late as I could go into a more hearty dinner.
Till Next week!


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