Monday, February 28, 2011

Quintana Roo

This year I’m very happy and excited to announce a new partnership with Quintana Roo bikes and wetsuits. I will be riding the CD 0.1 for the  next couple of seasons and could not be happier after the past few rides. I guess you could say my relationship started with QR back in April of 2000 when I moved to Hawaii from New Zealand. My Dad at the time was riding a QR and was looking to invest into new titanium Litespeed. I was given the QR frame and it all started from there. I qualified for Ironman Hawaii on that bike and rode  it up to Ironman when I was given a new bike from the local bike shop.

My talks with QR started right after Clearwater 2010, and I was very happy that a QR was willing to invest in me. I did my homework on the new bikes QR were making and made some phone calls.  The first person I called was local QR athlete Kelly Williamson. If there was award for straight up bad ass athlete, she would win hands down. She had a phenomenal season last year and really put Austin athletes on the map. She actually just started her season off with a big win at Rev 3 Costa Rica.
Back to the phone call. The QR rep and I had a great chat. She raved about the bike. Very stiff and fast. She had many more things to say about the bike, but for me, I just love a stiff bike frame. Check out her blog here.

Here are some pictures of my new ride the CD 0.1
DSCF0593 DSCF0596 DSCF0603 DSCF0602

It was a great feeling when Jack & Adam’s (a local bike shop) gave me a call to let me know the bike had arrived and was being put together by James. I was actually becoming very anxious as all the weather had delayed the arrival of my bike by two weeks! I rushed down to the store to check out my new bike. It was beautiful. The black and red looks very sharp and they just happen to be my two favorite colors! Thanks for the build up James.

I made a few changes to the front of the bike as I’m not a fan of straight extensions. Went  and switched out the FSA bars for the profile design prosvet basebar and T2 extensions. Thanks for the advice ATC buddy. Looks very sharp.  The frame is very slick with the two main features being a bowed fork for better laminar flow across the front wheel and a very funky looking BB know as shift. QR's exclusive 18 millimeter offset downtube SHIFT diverts concentrated airflow away from the drive side to produce a true, measureable bike-course advantage for every athlete at every level.

First ride was out to Johnson City which was a good 4hr + ride over tough challenging terrain. First off, it is a very stiff bike. Accelerates very fast and jumps out of corners when applying power to the pedals. The stiffness also work to your favor during climbs as well. You might think that you would sacrifice some comfort due to stiffness. You do, but no where near as much as I was expecting. Descending has always been fear of mine with previous bikes just because of the feeling of instability. The CD0.1 is a little heavier than my previous bike but is extremely stable and holds its line very well during tight and fast turns.

Obviously I’m really happy with the bike. Have always been scared to get rid of my old rig, but this bike fills in just fine, actually more than fine! Check out Quintanan Roo if you’re in the hunt for a new TT bike.



Great bike... hope everything is good back home in NZ

Bre said...

ohhh that is very awesome bike- I can't wait to see you race on that! this is my favourite post of the week (dont' tell Lindsay! haha)

Matt said...

congrats on the new sponsorship, they make sick rigs!

Clay Roop said...

Sweet bike and congrats on the sponsorship.


P.S. if you are ever looking for another blogging opportunity we'd love to have you join.

Anonymous said...

Great write up of the new ride Tiges.
Now get out there and kick some okole!

AJ said...

that bike looks sensational! Im sure it rides as great as it looks. Beautiful!