Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So far and so far to go

2011 pretty much started in Tucson, AZ for the Purplepatch training camp. Coach Matt Dixon put on a four day pro camp with the likes of Matt Lieto, Linsey Corbin, Sam McGlone, and up and comer Jesse Thomas. It was great camp and Dixon taught us all and then we went and executed. We all came out of camp fitter than we entered but not completely fried.

First race of the season was actually very last minute! I was taking a little look on twitter when Red Licorice events posted a tweet about a open water event held at Mansfield dam. My wife and I live about 2 min aways which was awesome. We very rarely venture into town because it takes so bloody long hitting 2222 and mopac traffic, so to have an event in our back yard was very nice.

I had done some solid swimming in Tucson at the camp and was looking forward to see who was going to show up. As we were walking down to the start line I saw James Bonney and new instantly it was going to be solid swim. To James' left was guy in a shirt with a number 1 on it. Turns out it was the one and only Juan Pelota!! We would all be swimming the 2.4 mile event.

Gun goes off and so does Bonney and Juan. I swim up to Bonney's should and hand out for 10 min before heading to the back as the wind was blowing straight into us and was beating me up pretty good. It didn't really hit me until 10 min later that I was swimming on the feet of Juan!! I was actually giving this champion little taps to the feet when the pace changed slightly. Very, very cool in mind as this guy is pretty bad ass. Anyways, Bonney led the charge from start to finish and we all pretty much came in at the same time in 48min high, 49min low. Swimming was good and I was pretty confident after swimming with James and Juan. If Juan decides to race any events he will be able to swim with the front pack. But who would doubt that?

It was also the first time in QR wetsuit and it was very nice. Very flexible and and a great virtual pull buoy in the suit. Little thicker material from the hips down through mid thigh. The material tapered off down through the feet which I really liked since it didn't keep my toes super high in the water.

Galveston 70.3 was my first tri of the season...well I thought it was going to be. Very short and to the point here. Swim was vicious! I received as much of a beating as I gave out. Managed front pack and felt solid. Jumped on bike and pretty much knew straight away I didn't have the speed/power necessary to be a player. Rode my butt out of my shorts and held on for about 5-7 miles before I went backwards. Ended up riding straight into the parking lot and packing the bike and heading home. Logged a DNF. Just need a few more weeks of hard work and then I believe I can be a player again.

I will be back....



Sean in NY said...

Sorry to hear about the DNF!

CONGRATS!.. on the open-water swim. I noticed your name in the results when reading about the event and have been waiting, mouse in hand, for your race report! Did you exchange any pleasantries with Lance or were you content to simply tickle his toes a bit in the water? Get any podium shots?

Good-luck this year. I'll be cheering you on from afar.

Chuck said...

Way to get after it James- sounds like you've got an awesome season in store! What has been the biggest key to improving your swim? Technique improvements or getting at it more often?

I'll have to try and catch you at a race this year. I'm doing Wildflower this weekend!