Friday, February 6, 2009

High Price for Health

I love Hawaii, but beauty sure does come with a high price. Now if you're a regular Joe Schmo eating regular american processed foods, the price for bread and milk are about $1-2 more here than on the mainland, yes even at Wallmart! BUT if you're a health conscious victim like me and needing gluten free foods and desiring organic goodness, there is a high price to pay. Today I ventured out the local health food store to see if I could get some GF (gluten free) staples. I needed cereal, bread or rice cakes, and brown rice pasta for dinner tonight. I usually buy the new Gluten Free Kix from HEB in Austin. Its so yummy and 1 box feeds 12 and cost $2.50. Well, no kix here. Instead I found the gorilla munch puffs (still so yummy) but one box that feeds 9 was $4.65, luckily I found it on sale for $3.60 (SCORE!!- said sarcastically).

Next I found the Lundendburg Rice Cakes. I love these because they are actually heartier rice cakes with flax seeds, etc. But seriously, who wants to pay $5 bucks for a pack of rice cakes. I pay $2 in Austin. I bought them anyway. Girls gotta have some form of bread. The GLUTINO bread that they were selling was $9 BUCKS, no way. I think its expensive in Austin and I pay $4.75 for that. CRAZY!! But the best steal was the Ludenburg Brown Rice Penne Pasta. I think this was actually close to regular cost but the best part was that it cooked so well and tasted so good. We topped with stewed tomatoes, baked chicken, black olives, and Parmesan. I was just happy that we had leftovers to munch on for tomorrow. Don't have to buy grocery's for lunch, phew! I guess I'll have to start looking into eggs and SPAM (a local cuisine here). That's always cheap and suspicious in a way. Hmmmm.... I wonder if its gluten free. HA HA!



malita said...

when i was a kid i used to eat fried spam sandwiches - what the hell was i doing?

BreeWee said...

ha ha ha SPAM! Gluten Free Spam??

Anonymous said...

HI James,
I am an age group athlete just starting to use power and i was wondering what kind of power the pros push at threshold and over the 70.3 and olympic distance?
Keep up the great training!