Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to my birth place

I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It seemed like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and I just become very ill and was questioning if i would still have enough time to arrive in NZ in good form. Well, I'm here in New Zealand and I have some form.

Left Honolulu on Friday night and was very excited. Air New Zealand had installed the personal TV monitor in all the seatbacks so i would have games, music, and movies at my fingertips! Unfortunately my console broke and I had nothing the entire flight. I think my excitement of arriving in New Zealand helped pass the time by quickly because before I knew it, we had started our descent into Auckland.

I rushed through customs and beat the masses. Perfect, all i had to do was grab my bags and done. I wish it had gone that smoothly. There was bag/belt mistake and everyone was stuck in the baggage area for an hour plus until the luggage arrived.

Once through I met up with my homestay, the legendary, Cameron Brown. It was only 30 minutes after I left the airport that Mr. Brown convinced me to go for a run. It sounded great at the time. I ended up running for 1hr 30min after getting lost while taking a nature break. When I looked up, Cameron was gone! Luckily I was able to reconnect.

This morning we were up at 5:50 and off to swim training. Talk about multisport all-star packed! Cameron Brown, Terenzo Bozzone, G. O'Grady, James Upton and more heavy hitters whose names I have forgotten. We put in just over 5km under the guidance of Mark Boone.

Now I'm enjoying the most delicious fresh food NZ has to offer. Then it is out for a 90 min swim with Cameron.


BreeWee said...

You are totally a big hitter too! That NZ course is YOUR HOME (well, one of them). All the best with your touch ups to race day and Kona has your back cheering for you all Ironman long! Give em' hell!

shebeest said...

Hey JC - glad to hear you have arrived in NZ healthy and ready to kick some butt!! Julie and I (and the rest of the beests) are cheering LOUDLY for you. Run pretty!!