Monday, February 9, 2009

Hard yards in Hawaii

The biggest weeks and biggest single sessions are over and done with! My coach has received several nasty text messages, phone calls, and emails the past two weeks. My motto is "Go as hard and long as you can till you brake, then recover". I can officially say that my body is broken and it is time to start reducing the volume and sharpening up the body.

I don't recall ever feeling this fatigued! I can't stand up straight, I'm always slouching. I'm looking forward to feeling stronger over the coming weeks.

So my longest run day.....27 miles. Longest run in my life and it was wasn't all that fun. 3hr 15 min. I was in an ice bath minutes after this run drinking my recovery solution. I have a habit of running my long runs too fast, which results in me not recovering fast enough for torture Tuesday. I still complete Tuesday, but it pushes me that one notch higher to complete.

Longest bike/run combo: 7.0hr with 6mile mile run.
This was a tough set today. Race pace watts for the following sets:
3x60minutes, 4x15min, 5x10min. Short rest and my legs were hurting and cramping. I jumped on the run just to log the miles. No set pace.

I will enjoy a very easy day tomorrow to recover and get ready for shorter and sharper workouts.



swhitfield said...

Cotts dude, those are some big sessions. I'm excited for you, rest up eh.


BreeWee said...

Yeah REST up! I am stoked to see you race IM NZ! You got everyone at the pool all eager to root you on!

Thanks for not swimming this morning, it made it easy not chasing you!

Lins, hope you are well too! Devonee is here, wish you were too!

Jeff Pellegrom said...


I lotteried into Alcatraz and am deciding whether to do it or not. Any suggestions on where to stay and whether or not I'll need my tri bike. The bike course profile looks fairly daunting.


James and Lindsay Cotter said...


Alcatraz and Wildflower are the two races I think everyone needs to do. Alcatraz was a blast. I would compete on a road bike with aerobars. There is an awesome descent that feels much better on road then tri bike.
We stayed about 2 miles away from the race site and went to vrbo to find the place.
Hope all is well.