Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Training Partner w/pics

I do consider myself a total loner when it comes to training. Even with swimming now! I do admit it is very hard to bang out 3,000 meters plus when going solo, but there is never anyone slowing you down or pushing you too hard when you need to be relaxing. I like to scroll through previous race results to find out the average splits of winners and make them my target. I do however have about four or five people I love to train with, but they are all back in my previous home of Hawaii.
Matt and Chad Seymour, Tim Marr..much love.

Sadie is my new training partner's name and she is my new dog by the way of marriage. She is chocolate lab/blue lacy and is a beautiful dog. The first time I ran her she was useless! It only took her a few session to get on pace and know I can't drop her. Here is to my training partner.


BreeWee said...

Oh you lucked out... Sadie is a good looking partner! Do you make her eat Fat Boys post training too?

Anonymous said...

I surprised no one else has commented on how incredibly cute your new training partner is!!!

MarkyV said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)