Monday, January 30, 2012

Nice Weekend

Having just really starting to work with and learn about Training Peaks WKO+ makes weekend long rides so much more exciting! This weekend I had a 5hr ride scheduled. Normally I would be excited to get the ride done, just because you know you want to get in “x” amount of big volume rides to go into an Ironman to gain confidence. Now, not only can you become excited about heading out for a ride, you can become very excited about coming home and downloading the data! The past few months have been pretty huge as I have been able to slowly transform my riding style. I still have a long way, but the results are starting to become evident. All the graphs scream at you letting you know exactly what you are doing wrong. Me, I was a masher who used high force and slow cadence to generate my power which would leave me a little drained when it came time to running. I  have slowly been evolving myself into more spinning so I recruit a different set of muscle fibers. This then allows me to burn less glycogen. Not only do I feel fresher, I’m much more efficient during my rides. The biggest bonus is how the efficacy translates to the run off the bike. I really hope this comes full swing on March 3rd.
The ride ended up being 120 miles with kJ burn of 4560! That represents more of a burn I’m expecting to burn during IM. I now  know how I should feel coming off the bike! Very exciting time of training for me. There are some equations that you can use to calculate the burn you will have if you hold ‘X” amount of power
The Sunday run was out at McLeans Island. Not super long but still a good test. I have been basing all my runs off heart rate so far for this build. Lots of people have switched to pace, but I really like HR and more old school methods when it comes to the run. Pace is getting quicker  each month at my zone I train at. Here are some pics of the run.

I love this straight.

15km of MTB trails just off to the left.


Little fueling with my secret formula and some Base Salt.

Yes, I roll in compression socks and my FAVORITE shoes, the K-Swiss Konejo II. I’m eagerly awaiting to try the new Blade-Max series though.


MarkyV said...

Yer legs are so short that the compression socks became stockings! ;)

Chuck said...

I really wish I had some trails like that to run on! Hey man, I've started doing a sports and nutrition podcast- would you do me the honor of being a guest on my show to talk about being a pro triathlete and what its like??