Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

Lately I have seen a few posts on tri forums about what a pro athletes schedule may look like compared to an age grouper over the course of the year. That being said, I decided I will now bring to you a Tell all Tuesday. Here I will reveal to you what I (the average pro) do during each phase of my build up to Ironman Taupo every Tuesday. Well, I try my best to do so.

This time of year I’m in a general phase (Base) of training were the focus is on more endurance work in the Z2/3 zones. The training volume is fairly high in most session, but the intensity is very low especially in biking and running. Swimming is a little different as I always like to inject some speed into each session. Unlike endurance, where  indicators for endurance improvement normally take 3-4 weeks, speed is 10-14 days. It is always nice to feel fast to boosts your confidence and the belief of yourself while you slog out the aerobic work on the bike and run.

Lets get into my training day today!!

Swim Session in 25m pool. 2x500 set done outdoors in 50m Pool: 1hr 30 minutes for 5.3km
Warm up 600 EZ Free
x2 rounds of ( 4x25 Fly on :40, 2x50 Back on :45, 2x50 breast on 1:10)
Main Set x2 rounds of (10x50 as 25FAST/25 Easy on:45, 2x500 out side 50m pool on 7:00, 10x50 as 25 steady, 25 FAST
300 Cool Down

BREAKFAST: oatmeal with poached egg on top. This is delicious! Quick snack and fueling up before bike ride. Have to have your vitamins as well!
breakfast           vit bikedonw
Bike Ride: 3:15 ride all Z2 effort. I warmed up 15’ then held high Z2 for 2:45. Then easy 15’ cool down. What did I eat and use? x2 bottles of EFS and x3 bars eating at 60 min, 120 min and 150 min. I use mission care for bib cream.
chamios                  bike food   
Once I got home I was straight into lunch. I was pretty beat since there was a stiff headwind going out and back! Plus the roads go and go with no traffic signals. I was a little beat after the swim today and just the volume of the past two weeks. I had lunch #1 of a mince pie and crunchie bar. Lunch two was five minutes later and was peaches and yogurt.
lunch           lunch 2
After a little down time, it was up for an easy 40 min run. Nothing hard, all aerobic. Then I arrived home for dinner of baked beans on toast and a side of lamb.

Total Workout time: 5hrs and 10min+ 30 minutes of stretching.


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Nice workout. What were your times for the 500s?