Thursday, August 27, 2009

A night out to Celebrate

Yes the Cotters can still have a good time, no matter how tired we are! We had a blast this past weekend celebrating Juliette and Zachary Dell's b'nai mitzvah. Thanks for inviting us, you two did great!!

JC and LC


my blond skills didn't let me publish the photos too well. Just click if you want a close up, haha!

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Nottage Family said...

These pictures bring tears of joy to my young yet so in love; and somehow; however rare of late I read blogs; yours always brings up the importance of togetherness, commitment, and endurance through the tough times......(somewhat of a metaphor for an IM eh!!) two couldn't look more gorgeous/handsome and before I discovered the event at the bottom of the page this may explain why I see The Gaertner's Family all gussied up too.......keep up the good, patient work....a best friendship in the link of marriage is more important than anything! Sincerely, Jennifer Nottage