Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bloody Cold

With my new residence 25 miles away from town my wallet has become rather malnourished. I have to be in town in the am and then later in the pm on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed. It puts far too many miles on my 4Runner and costs a lot to keep her running. Last week I decided that I would start riding my fixy Fuji bike to town on Mon, Wed, Fri morning. It would be win, win with my fitness and getting my wallet back into good health.

I started out yesterday at 0700 and it was freezing cold. I almost turned round after 10 minutes but my wallet can not become any skinner so I kept trucking along. Cold weather riding gear is funny because it goes in phases. First, your too cold, then your body heats up and your comfortable, eventually you become too hot and unzip and you start back at being cold! I will take cold legs, cold arms, cold nose any day over cold fingers. The last 20 minutes of my ride were unbearable. When I arrived home the pain only intensified, and even after 5 minutes with my hands wrapped around my coffee mug I was hurting. Think I will have to purchase two sets of gloves. One for outbound, another for inbound.

I am all talk about saying i will post pictures. I do have sweet pic of my fuji all nice and muddy from my ride yesterday that I will post......probably in a month :)

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