Wednesday, January 16, 2008 far, so good.

2008 has been good to Mr. and Mrs. Cotter. Still sounds funny when my wife's (that sounds funny) voice mail goes off to Lindsay Cotter. It is going to be a great year growing with Lindsay that is for sure.

Things have been getting better and better for us each and every day. I arrived home to new part time job at CATZ and love it. Currently I am working under the very knowledgeable brother duo of Bill and Tim Meyer's. Great crew there and a great work out as well. Thank you Dirk for bringing me on board.

1. New wife
2. New job with lots of potential down the road
3. Great family and family in law. Dallas thank you for all your support. Love ya
4. I'm not fat and overweight like I normally am this time of year.
5. Working with Cosmo at Hyper Vest.

I will be posting pics soon of the wedding and honeymoon.

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