Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is the new toy that arrived a week ago. The TRX from Fitness Anywhere! If you are a twitter fan you might have seen that Chris Lieto and Lindsay Corbin have been incorporating the TRX into their training schedules.

I first started hearing about the TRX system from my coach, Matt Dixon. I help him load training schedules and kept on seeing " add 40' of TRX" and I was very curious as to what TRX was. I gave Dixon a call and he told me all about a very SIMPLE yet highly EFFECTIVE piece of training equipement that was very light and very easy to transport. Next thing I knew my local gym had two of them so I started mucking around on them not really knowing exactly what I was doing. No structure or routine.

Two weeks ago I gave the folks at Fitness Anywhere a call and picked myself up a TRX. It arrived a few days ago and I'm very impressed with this piece of equipment. As you can see with the picture above, it comes in a very nice box. I always like a nice layout.

With the package you a workout DVD that is pretty tough.  As you can see not only do you get the DVD, but you get a nice little manual with descriptions and workout suggestions as well that slides in neatly next to the DVD.

Set up is very easy as you can see. The TRX comes with a door anchor that easily slips over the other side of the door. Once you are anchored up, stick the CD in the DVD player and it's GO TIME!!

As you can see the anchor can hold plenty of weight. Now your hallway turns into your very own gym! BEAUTIFUL. No people stealing your spot, getting in your way, or trying to talk to you during your workout. Now this can also be taken out doors and anchored onto polls and trees with ease. The other beautiful thing is how easy is is to progress all the movements to make it VERY DIFFICULT. Now you might be saying to much room will take up in my suitcase or backpack if I want to travel with a TRX? Good question because I know you are very interested in purchasing a TRX I right?

TINY!! And it hardly weighs a thing.

After a week of playing on the TRX I am hooked. It is great strength work and great core/stability work as well. So if you are a weekend warrior, athlete, or just looking to improve your strength and fitness. This is the tool for you. Easy to set up anywhere, light, fun, challenging, easy to progress workouts/moves, and it is used by many top athletes!


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