Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back into it

I'm two weeks into the new plan and I'm having a great time. The program is still very challenging and the real change in the schedule is more low cadence big gear work, intensity is closer to race pace, and the sets are much longer near race pace.

After speaking with Dixon, I have changed the way I fuel during workouts and how I fuel right after workouts. The result have been a success and I look forward to seeing where I'm at three,four,five months out from now. I'm feeling much stronger during workouts especially near the end and I'm not as hungry after workouts since I'm topping up glycogen stores better then the past. Since approaching caloric intake as fueling vs. nutrition I have noticed an improvent in my enegy levels through out the day. It is funny because I have know the difference, and most athletes now the difference between feuling and nutrition, but for some reason we never apply it. Base nutrition (thank you Chris) has been working wonders in my book with nutrition. I also have been using Pure Sport which is very good. With Kansas around the corner I hope three weeks of training is enough to get me a solid placing.

Have fun!


IronBob said...

I will have to give those products a look. I found Infinit this year and it also works wonders and is a one stop shop.


James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Bob, base is amazing. the recovery activator is awesome and along with a recovery drink, it helps put more glycogen back into the muscle so you can maximumize the performance of your next workout since your glcogen stores are toppped up.