Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW RIDE and things

My new Trek TTX arrived the other day.

I will admitt that I was a little bummed to be off the P3C because that was my dream bike. However, the TTX was far beyond what I was expecting. I lurk on a site called slowtwitch every once and a while. Cervelo is holy on this site and the bikes are hyped up so much that i started to believe everything else was not up to par. I was very wrong. The TTX has blown me away. Great ride. Went to Source Endurace to get a fit on the Retuel. My position was changed big time. My saddle was too high and i was too far back. My crank length need to be changed also. Went out on first ride after fit and it was very nice. Very comfortable also. If your looking for a good bike fit, head to source endurance or where ever you can find a retuel.

Training has been coming along pretty well. I joined a new swim squad, Nitro, as solo swimming just does not cut it anymore. I need a group to call me out everytime I start slacking. The one negative is that i have to wake up at 4:45am and be out of the house at 4:55 to make it to practice! I get in the yards and am seeing a steady progression in my swimming (I need it to stay with Mr. Marsh). I'm dead tired later on, but it knocks out the first of three training sessions very early in the day.

Have a race this weekend here in Austin that should be a good one. Held down at the old dilloman course at Pace Bend Park. I went to check the course out Wednesday and it looked nothing like it did back in 2005. Water level is VERY low and the run into T1 will be very long if the course is similair to dilloman. So if you have an off swim, run hard to to T1 and you will make up ground. Looked to me like a 400-600m run. The field was pretty small until USAT sent out a mass email. I know there are some very strong boys coming to play. The wife will hopefully be taking some pics so stay tuned.

Have a good weekend!



IronBob said...
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IronBob said...

Sweet ride. I bet you'll pick up some time on it.

You should see my new sweet used P2SL. It is the best we back of the packers dare do, otherwise spectators would look at us during races and say "Why is he riding that $10,000 bike?".

~beest said...

Hey JC - The new bike looks VERY pretty!! Have a great race. I'm signed up to volunteer since I'm not yet ready to race after having to take a month off running:( But I'll be cheering!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the new Bontrager mount in the back along with their Tri Cages? Haven't seen any pictures yet, besides the catalog pics, but I'm curious how the cages mount. Can you post more?

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Not sure if it is the new one. Give me a day or two and I will post a pic for you.