Monday, November 17, 2008

To die for!

Who knew that something made without dairy, gluten, eggs, refined sugar, and hydrogenated oils could taste SO SO GOOD!!!

Best find of the week is definitely Nana's Cookie Company. Our favorite one is the Nana Banana Bars but they several of kinds of snack bar, cookies, cookie bites (with fiber!) that are pure, wholesome, and actually VERY tasty.

I found these at our local health food store (central market) but I am pretty sure they are carried at the regular grocery.

Great Snack: Nana's banana bar with almond butter on top!!

I've been writing boring recipe posts because James is still not 100% better and therefore he thinks his training is not something worth talking about until he's back in the saddle, which hopefully will be soon!!



MarkyV said...

boring receipie posts???

WRITE MORE ABOUT FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) yummy!

malita said...

Yeah but you love that vinegar tea - so I just don't know Linds - save one for the next time I come over.

My Year Without said...

Wow, what a neat blog you guys have! How inspiring as a husband and wife team!

I also love Nana's cookies--the lemon being my favorite and then the ginger flavor. I actually have not tried the banana bar.

I have been going without white refined sugar all year so far and so just almost fell over when I tasted how delicious Nana's cookies are!

I'll have to look around at your recipes and see what sugar-free kinds you might have.


TATI said...

OMG they have those at CM??? i used to eat like 2-3 of the NO WHEAT choc chip cookies everyday while in san diego, cuz i could get them at Jimbo's Natural Store....but WF doesn't have them here :(
i'm off to check out CM, thanks!

Grant Glauser said...

wait, this is James's blog? I thought it was yours.