Thursday, December 20, 2007

it is gone!

Yesterday I had to turn in my blackberry (a.k.a crackberry)! While i was working, i always wanted to get rid of it. I hated that everyone could get hold of me by phone, txt, e-mail, or instant messenger. You had no excuse what so ever if you did not get back to anybody within five minutes! Now I miss it, I feel like I am not in the know, even though I do not need to be in the know. I am having withdrawls already and want another all in one device, but it is only a want not a need.

Training is coming along well thanks to CATZ. The marathon training has not been coming along too well because of the departure from work and moving all my gear out of my place. Every Tues. and Thur. I go to CATZ for a intense hour long work that focuses on injury prevention, strength conditioning, and speed-fitness. I have been constant with running 4 miles, three times a week pretty slow. I went out yesterday to my surprise and hammered out a 41 minute 7.1 mile loop! Thank you Bill for pushing me hard during each session.

Head off to dallas on Saturday to stay with Lindsay's parents till Christmas morning. I'm looking forward to this as they have a huge Christmas bash. We then leave to Hawaii on christmas morning. I have never flown on Christmas and hope the flights will be empty so i can get some shut eye before having Christams dinner with my folks.


MarkyV said...

so what do you have now?

that flip phone?

Bro... you HATED that thing cause it was work oriented. Get one that is just for you and you'll be fine. i-phone, pearl, q

they're all good

BreeWee said...

41 min. 7.1 miles! You will be in GREAT shape to race the Peaman when you get here! ha ha ha ha!

Mele Kalikimaka to you and your hot little bride!